Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrapping for ME!!

Well, yesterday I received a nice box of goodies from Merly Impressions - I had seen the new Layout Kits that Kaisercraft are now offering... and as I loved the brand new TigerLily range (pink/black/white/orange) I couldn't resist this one..... and a couple of the new Sir Tim Distress Markers in Picket Fence (the white one!) fell into the box too.... and what a coincidence.... I needed a white pen for the double layout!!!!!

Anyway - as I am a sailing widow this weekend... I settled down to make the pages this morning and as a couple of folk have asked to see them on Facebook, I thought I would blog them for everyone to see.

Now before I do.... let's get a few things off my chest from the last year or so.... firstly - these are MY Layouts - done for me - so I will scrap what I ruddy well want to, And if I want to scrap the same photo 10 different ways - I will (not that I have ever done that many though!)! Secondly, If I put a title on one of my pages, that title means something (usually a lot!) to me, and if I put a page up here (on MY blog!) to share, I have already censored it and I don't think that there is anything in either the page itself or the title that will offend anyone.

However, if anything on the pages I share does happen to offend you, sorry - but that is YOUR problem - not mine! That said - if you are offended in any way, please talk to me directly - and don't send anonymous messages via third parties. If you think it's that bad, talk to me yourself instead of upsetting me about a layout I loved - the person(s) concerned probably know what I am talking about!!

Aaaaaandddd Breathe!!!!!!

OK - on to the layouts I have just made. As I said - the kit was from Merly Impressions and this one was a huge £21... but I have 4 pages to show - and loads and loads of leftovers so with a couple of sheets of card as bases - there's probably enough left to make as many again - so I think its great value! All pages were designed by Melissa Kennedy, the owner of Kaiser... I think she's done a grand job!

The first single page (and yes - its using photos from my vow renewal again as are the other two pages as well so Pffftttt if you are bored with them I have over 300 photos of the event and I will get round to getting them ALL on pages in time - and i have around 250 to go!!) This one uses a lot of the elements from the sticker sheet - as well as from the big bag of "Collectibles" which contains flourishes, flowers, tags, journalling blocks, photo corners and words all matching the papers beautifully

The second single page moved on to the the rub ons and pearl swirls included in the kit - and whilst I've used all the pearl swirl and most of the rub ons - there is still LOADS left in the collectibles and patterned papers.

And finally to the double page which definitely takes me out of my single page single photo comfort zone.... here's a double with no less than SIX photos on it!! Oh and the Picket Fence marker was used for the snail trails of thebutterflies..... its a bit disconcerting as the ink for the white pen goes on clear - and takes a couple of seconds to dry white!!

Well after my lazy day so far - I had better go and get on with some housework before Rog and Katy get home from the Hamble.


  1. The layouts are lovely, the photos your business;o)
    Is the Picket Fence marker any different to other white markers or more reliable due to a 'good' name?
    Keep crafting for you x

  2. Well I was a confirmed white Sharpie girl as none of the others - even the famous Inkessentials one never worked properly for me..... This one I am impressed by... the trails are just one pass with the Distress Marker - but as I said - it was a bit disconcerting as when i started the line the ink was invisible but turned white as it dried.
    So yes - I think that's a yes to your question.......

  3. something else that will have to be added to the shopping list then!