Saturday, 20 November 2010

I've finally been published - sort of!!

Well after all of these years scrapping - I've finally seen my work "published"!

Its not published in a book or magazine, but in something completely new and different - an iPhone app for scrapbookers called Sketches 2 Scrapbook! (the link takes you to the website for more details!!)


The app is the brainchild of the very talented Anam Stubbington (known as Kihaku on forums and the internet) and what it is, is an app with no less than 104 sketches for scrapbook pages which you can access on your ipad or iphone so if you are stuck for ideas at a crop - alll you do is open the app and flick through the sketches - and there you go - no need to remember to take along your books or mags - its all there on your phone! Singles, doubles, multi photo - you can find examples of them all on the app!

This is what the screen looks like as you browse the sketches..... you tap on the one which takes your fancy.......

and it opens a larger version on the screen for you - like this.....


But best of all - once you have the sketch up on the phone screen - tap it again to be taken to a picture of a layout made using the sketch you are looking at.  Here are some sample pages for you to look at!

The app itself contains a whopping 104 sketches and accompanying layouts - and is available to download on iTunes for the very reasonable amount of $4.99 but if you want to have a play before you buy - there is a demo version available for free. The demo version has a further 12 sketches so thats a total of 116 unique sketches for you to use!! Pretty good value for less than a magazine would cost you with a lot more to see (and no adverts!!)

My layout is down towards the bottom of the selection on the screen but if you want to see it - you'll have to buy the app!

Go -on - try it out! What do you have to lose???

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